The Tobine Chronicles Episode 1

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The Basu Chronicles: Episode 1: Origin Story

Due Work. By Due Work. Listen on. Where to listen. Go to next audio Go to next audio.

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Go to prev audio Go to prev audio. In this world of utter chaos, one man 3 due work clowns attempts to solve the world's problems with guest Water Can Kayla! Kayla is an inspiration to us and it was a pleasure getting to talk with her!

In this episode the Due Work goons talk with the ultimate non-goon, Ric Jorge! Ric is a guru of the fire service and co-author of the book Developing Firefighter Resiliency.

D&R - Kültür Sanat ve Eğlence Dünyası

You've gotta get your head right in order to succeed as a fireman. Be sure to listen all the way through as Ric drops knowledge bombs on several different topics! Also this episode is the one-year episode of Due Work so the shenanigans are all too alive and well here. We hope you enjoy this episode it is filled with many topics covered. We talk about the creation of Zoo crew and the inability of some people to take a joke. The conversation continues with the topics on volunteer firefighters, transitional attack, and testicular fortitude.

We hope you enjoy this episode with many more to come. A huge thank you to our listeners for the continued support and all the social media love you give us. Season 1 Finale and Final Episode with Stephen. On this episode we say good-bye to Stephen for now, and introduce two additional jack wagons to the Due Work family, Gerald and Brandon. We cover topics of all shapes and sizes, over use the F Word and hopefully provide some entertainment to your day as we say bye to Stephen. Get ready for a great episode, hope you enjoy!

ALSO Keep listening at the end for a one of a kind storytelling extravaganza brought to you by our good friend Jesse Esterline. Ben Whitson. Get away from here while you can. Kindal deserved better.

The best she could do was to check in on him every now and then. If you say so, she relented. But, if you need anything, you let me know, all right? When you get tired of those preheated meals, you come and visit. I expect that much at least.

Netflix: What We Know About Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

Jode says the Rikans could really use my help. That I could work odd jobs for them, like the messenger runs I did after mother died and help them in their cause. I will. Kindal ruffled her hair like he did when she was a small child. You were such a scrapper when you were younger. He gazed wistfully back at the sky. I have to believe that Krall will not disintegrate into fighting. This is the capital. Tenni smiled a sad smile.

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Most of the people were only here for the mines, all centered around the three major cities. Slowly each of the cities had fallen into chaos. She sighed. Jode would expect her home soon. He turned and shuffled back to the transport stop. His hitching gait, courtesy of a mine accident, was as much a part of him as. Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later.