3D Printing: Modern Technology in a Modern World

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Formnext is the leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing, and an annual fixture in our exhibition calendar. Held at Frankfurt Messe, Formnext brought together experts from a wide range of industry sectors, such as automotive, aer.

Top 5 Latest 3D Printer Innovation You Need To See 2019

To date, over sixty di. Ultimaker launches optimized printing profiles for world-leading materials in the latest version of Ultimaker Cura.

Plus, our wear-resistant print core CC Red 0. Couldn't your business benefit from a simpler supply chain? Learn more here. We talk to one of our most prolific community contributors, Anders Olsson, and how his work led to the development of a new wear-resistant print core. Ultimaker participated in the second edition of the Construct3D academic 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication conference joining over educators, students, and thought leaders.

Failure is good for innovation. That's the culture adopted by many businesses today — fail fast, learn fast, iterate. How does 3D printing help teach young people these agile skills? The Ultimaker North America team collaborated with local partners and professional CAD peers to introduce the latest updates to Ultimaker hardware, software, materials, and best practices at the leading conference for computer graphics professionals, desi. Discover easy abrasive 3D printing with our new print core, using the world's most advanced plastics and composites from Owens Corning and DSM.

Here are a few ways that 3D printing is finding its way into the everyday workflow of other, less obvious applications. In this blog we offer insight into this process and look at how we test and develop various combinations of 3D printing materials. We always love to see social media posts, blogs, and videos about how people are using Ultimaker 3D printers. Almost every major auto brand, including Volkswagen, has documented the benefits that 3D printing has brought to their design and production process, noting significant reductions in both time and cost.

To demonstrate the potential financial impact of th.

The past few years have shown a steady maturing of the FFF 3D printing market, followed by increased awareness as a viable manufacturing method. It helps companies validate designs, perform functional tests, and bring products to market more quickly. All 3D printing technologies are based on a common principle — a 3D CAD model is sliced horizontally into separate cross-sections, that are then printed sequentially on top of each other to form a three-dimensional object.

When it comes to 3D printing, the filament you use can have a big impact on your final product. Each material has different properties that you can choose to suit your specific needs. We spoke to product designer Jorge Valle about how 3D printing helps him turn his ideas for new products into reality in next to no time, and how it fits into his 3D design workflow.

Integrating a desktop 3D printer into your workflow can yield impressive results, from creating concepts and prototypes for products to small batches of tooling, or even medical models for surgeons. From helping you present concepts to clients faster to allowing for more iterations during the process, 3D printing in architecture makes a lot of sense. Here are six reasons why you should consider one. Today, May 29th, , marks the 10 year anniversary of the RepRap project. Ultimaker is forming collaborative alliances with global material companies to meet the growing demand for industrial-grade engineering materials compatible with Ultimaker 3D printers.

While aid initiatives involving 3D printed functional prosthetics in Sierra Leone already exist, they are not time and cost-efficient. Surgical resident Lars Brouwers believed that there must be a better way to get aid to those affected. Jabil, one of the largest manufacturing service providers in the world, is overcoming production challenges with cost-efficient Ultimaker 3D printers. Most slicing software will assign a constant spacing between each layer—known as the layer height. Very fine layer height will result in a high-resolution model, but each extra layer will add time to the printing process.

A thicker layer height will print.

Essays on 3D Printing

Get the latest features and a better Cura Connect experience by upgrading your Ultimaker 3 to Firmware 4. The latest firmware release takes your hardware further with a new accessibility feature. Electronics and engineering giant Bosch is investing in Ultimaker 3D printers for its global facilities to drive innovation while cutting manufacturing and design costs. Storing your PVA in optimal conditions is key to a high-quality 3D print.

3D Printing Technologies at Materialise | Additive Manufacturing Technology

If stored improperly, PVA can absorb ambient moisture and cause failed prints. Follow our storage and care tips. One of the benefits of Ultimaker Cura is the ability for users to extend the core functionality of the software to streamline the 3D printing workflow. Users can experiment and deploy modifications to Ultimaker Cura to integrate different software, read c.

But which one is right for your design? Ultimaker Firmware 4. Discover what's new in this blog post. We showcased several successful business cases, including custom-made jigs and fixtures developed by Volkswagen Autoeuropa. It enables you to control, monitor, and configure a group of Ultimaker 3 printers from a single interface, providing an efficient production solution for your office, studio, or work floor.

A Promising Future

Andrea Puglisi is a serials and reference librarian from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. In this library story, she shares her experience of how 3D printers can be used as powerful educational outreach tools for the local community. To demonstrate the potential financial impact of the newfound efficiencies brought on by 3D printing, Ultimaker sought out to answer: what exactly is an automotive minute worth? We are excited to announce an agreement for major funding from NPM Capital. With this new funding, we are able to accelerate product development and further grow the company.

At Ultimaker, we believe in the value of openness, collaboration, and accessibility. That is why today, we are making the hardware designs for the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended available. With a fresh new interface, Ultimaker Cura 3. Despite being one of the most used plastics in the world, PP or polypropylene can be hard to use for 3D printing. Summer is over and school is starting again!

Here is a collection of resources to inspire your students with 3D printing in the classroom. In this article, Jessica Lamarre, a librarian and makerspace coordinator, reflects on her experiences about how a 3D printer in a local community can be a powerful educational tool. In collaboration with the Delft University of Technology, one of our engineers has developed a technique to achieve grayscale printing using an Ultimaker 3. This enables users to print an object with varying tones using two colors. In over two years of our 3D printing program at the Marin City Library, we've had great success.

Our intention was to bring new technologies to a community that lacks access to resources that others take for granted. In tandem with Ultimaker, Naturalis Biodiversity Center has created an exhilarating, interactive lesson plan, showing you how to build a T. To get the best from your 3D printer, you need to be armed with the right tools for the job.

What is firmware?

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What does it do? In this article, we'll clear things up and explain how firmware operates inside your Ultimaker printer and how to update it. Let's get started. Printing with two colors not only looks visually impressive but makes it easier to highlight aspects of your 3D printed model. The Ultimaker brand is deeply rooted in our open source community. By sharing knowledge we will all ultimately have better products. Ultimaker has a great team of people — who work together to make our company what it is: exciting, dynamic and forward-thinking.

3D printer and 3D printing news

Our Inside Ultimaker series provides insight into our talented crew — across a range of different roles and skill-sets. Every company needs a great team behind it — which is why we feel very fortunate to have so many talented, passionate people working with us. Our Inside Ultimaker series is designed to provide a deeper look at our talent here at Ultimaker across a variety of different roles, teams, and experience levels.

Today, the spotlight is on Jasper Van Damme. Our series, Inside Ultimaker, is designed to give you some insight into the people who work with us. Meet Lenneke de Penning, our assembly team leader, who leads our group of talented assembly operators; and ensures that our production line runs smoothly.